Follow us on the adventure

Let's hoist our colors and win!

PirateBSC - Adventure

In the ocean of the BSC, we sailed rough and hard for a long time, over time the attacks in the seas brought us together, united, the bot / scam got us ONCE, we survived and our wounded colleagues are now compensating , now that we are launching correctly, we no longer have to navigate towards a new horizon!

The start of an adventure begins with goals

The ocean is vast, you know .. but together we should arrive at our destination, the operation takes place in a few simple steps transcribed below



Any adventure starts there, together we will tackle multiple topic and discussion on different media, start the process to be listed on different platform (coinGeko, CoinMarketCap ect ..)


The PirateBSC Platform

We work on our own platform under Angular with web3, we share the progress of development directly on reddit


New game

Once the beta of the release is underway, we will develop new games, such as a lottery system and other system submitted to the vote by the community on telegram.


Expand the team!

We are starting to be many pirates, we are going to recruit staff, we must organize ourselves to found a real pirate army



We are already learning to develop our own physical accessories, soft toys, card games and other goddies, all authenticated and numbered


Community governance

We must all stand in solidarity with each other and accept the deaths of each one, the purpose of this story will be the management of its development, together I think we can take this business to the moon

The game is simple

It has several ways of winning, you farm pirates while keeping it, you can trade, you can play, you can even accumulate the 3.

  • 2% of transactions redistribute to all holders
  • 1 in 8 chances of doubling your bet
  • The games guarantee good sell / buy graphics